What's New! 

Eco friendly Firelighters!

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We have found a use for our stash of fabric offcuts! Those bits of fabric that are too small to make wraps from, turn out to be the perfect size to make firelighters! All natural ingredients, no nasty smells and they light really easily and are hugely effective for starting fires in your firepit, stove and for lighting BBQ's. The perfect gift for your party hosts this summer.

We have a blog!!

It only took a few years but eventually we got here! We will be writing about a whole range of topics, but all along the theme of sustainability and bees! So far we have covered why we use organic cotton to how to make your garden bee friendly. The most recent blog ties in with our newest product, the eco friendly firelighters. Its full of tips about having fires outside.

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Back to school!!

One of our local primary schools invited me to chat to some of their pupils last week. They are doing a project about recycling and plastics and some of the children decided they wanted to find an alternative to clingfilm and plastic sandwich bags. One of the girls had seen beeswax wraps before and the amazing teacher agreed to make some with them! 

I went in to show them how to use them and my top tips for making them. It was great fun, once the nervousness passed!! They were so enthusiastic and keen to make changes, it was a great thing to see and be part of.

If your children or grand children want to have a go at making their own beeswax wraps we have out Make Your Own Kits especially for kids. Or if your school wants to get involved, get in touch about how we can help.

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Organic cotton produce bags

Organic cotton produce bags

They have arrived! We have been using our cotton bags to take to our local refill shop for years and eventually I have had time to make some for you! A pack of three different sized bags in some beautiful organic fabrics. 

Perfect for dried foods, loose fruit or veg and use them in between shops as snack bags and so much more.

So much better than a single use plastic bag, a paper bag that can only be used a few times or carrying your bulky and heavy jars to the shops with you!

The Big Wrap is here!!

Our largest wrap yet is now available in our shop! At a whopping 34 x 55cm it is the perfect size for wrapping fruit cakes, most loaves of bread and large plates or dishes. Find out more by clicking on the link!

big wrap sourdough.jpeg