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Our latest newsletter is out and there is another competition to win the last fabric to be added to our organic cotton range. These Enfys (Rainbow in Welsh) packs will be added to the range very soon, but you can win one in our competition. Read the latest newsletter to find out how.


The Travel Pack has arrived! Use beeswax wraps as a plastic free and space saving way to pack your soap, solid shampoo and conditioner bar when you go away. Perfect for camping, trips abroad or when you go to visit friends and family. Find out more with the link below!


Our range of organic cotton Beeswax Wraps is now complete! We have a great selection of fun fabrics for kids (and big kids) lunch boxes and some packs for stylish kitchens! 


Why is organic cotton better for the planet?

There are many reasons why organic cotton is better for the planet. The World Economic Forum has identified water scarcity as one of the top ten global risks to society over the next ten years, and the majority of cotton is grown in countries facing water shortages. Organic cotton has significantly fewer negative impacts on water than non-organic…


Healthier soil - organic farmers use natural methods like composting to create healthy soil.  Healthy soil acts like a sponge, soaking up water during floods and holding it for longer  during droughts.


No polluting pesticides - hazardous synthetic pesticides need to be diluted to bring them to 'safe' levels when they enter waterways - over one fifth of water used to grow non-organic cotton is used for this purpose. This is not the case for organic cotton because hazardous synthetic pesticides are banned in organic farming.


The way cotton is watered - most organic cotton is grown in rain-fed areas, this mean farmers rely on rain to water their cotton, instead of having to extract water from the ground which can put pressure on water supplies in local communities.

(Information from the Soil Association Organisation)

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