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About Us! 

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I'm Sally and my husband (also known as the post boy!) is Huw. We are lucky enough to live and work on the beautiful Isle of Anglesey in North Wales. Huw being born and bred here, whilst I moved to North Wales for the mountains and stayed on Anglesey for Huw!

Beeswax Fabric Wraps started in 2018 when we decided we needed to reduce the amount of single use plastic we were using at home. Amongst many other changes, Sally started to make beeswax wraps for us to use instead of clingfilm. Orders started coming in from our friends and family and the enterprise eventually grew into the business we have today.

Sally and Huw the beeswax Fabric Wraps Team

Reducing the amount of plastic we were using was just the start of our efforts to live more sustainably. We have really tried to be as 'green' as we can within the business and as a household. It isn't always easy and we are far from perfect. But we keep learning and make changes whenever we can.

Sally is the recycling police at home! Everything gets sorted and put in the right box. Although as much as possible gets reused, repurposed or passed onto someone else before it hits the recycling pile. 

As much as we can we have replaced everyday items with plastic free alternatives. Bars of soap, shampoo bars, bamboo toothbrushes, washable dishcloths...

We are lucky to have a few liquid refill shops for cleaning products nearby and zero waste shops relatively close for our loose, dried foods. We shop locally as much as we can and are passionate about supporting other small businesses. 

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Sally in the vegetable garden

When we are not working we can be found in our garden growing vegetables, salad and herbs for us and our bunny Pugsy! The cats often come out with us to explore. They particularly like it when we are up near the compost heap (composting... now that's a whole new skill to learn and something Sally has become a little obsessed with!) as they can climb the apple tree and watch us from above.

We also support a local charity called Snowdonia Donkeys, based in Tregarth in Snowdonia. They do great work promoting donkey welfare, supporting local donkey owners and looking after the donkeys they have taken into their care. Not only this, they also provide opportunities for people, including children, to work with the donkeys to help improve their confidence and learn new skills.


20% from every sale of the donkey themed beeswax wraps and all the profits from the sale of the tea towels and donkey themed cards goes to help this amazing charity. You can find these in the Donkey Collection

Molly the donkey with beeswax wraps.jpg
Sally in a mobility scooter with a donkey.jpg

'This might not seem like the most obvious choice of charity for an eco business like ourselves to support. But I am one of the people who benefit from what they do. Since being diagnosed with M.E. it has been really important for me to find new ways of getting outside and doing things I love after the mountain biking and hill walking came to an abrupt end.

Spending time with the donkeys helps me relax, gives me a purpose and allows me to be part of something worthwhile. I am so grateful to them and so admiring of the work they do that I wanted to be able to give something back, other than all the poo picking up I do!!' 


Huw has been known to help me out when things get busy but he also has his own business Ynys Twca. He teaches bushcraft and green wood working. He also makes the coffee scoops and other wooden items, some of which can be found in our shop. But his main passion is hand crafting beautiful knives and leather sheathes.

You can find out more about Huw and what he does by clicking on the button below.

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Amdanom ni!

about us

Sally ydw i a Huw (sydd hefyd yn cael ei alw yn Post Boy!), yw fy ngŵr. Rydym yn ddigon ffodus i fyw a gweithio yn ardal hyfryd Ynys Môn, ac yn sylweddoli pa mor ffodus ydym ni i fyw'r bywyd sydd gennym yma o gofio ein bod yn caru'r awyr agored.

Dechreuodd Ffabrig Cwyr Gwenyn yn 2018 pan benderfynais fod angen i ni leihau faint o blastig untro yr oeddem yn ei ddefnyddio gartref. Dechreuais wneud amlapiau cwyr gwenyn i mi fy hun, yna i'm ffrindiau a'm teulu nes iddo dyfu i'r busnes sydd gennyf heddiw yn y pen draw.

Rwy’n caru ffabrig a gwnïo felly roedd penderfynu ychwanegu eitemau ailddefnyddiadwy eraill i’n siop, fel y bagiau bara, yn benderfyniad hawdd!

Snowdonia Donkeys our adopted charity

Pan nad ydw i'n cwyro neu'n gwnïo, gallwch ddod o hyd i mi yn tyfu blodau dant y llew ar gyfer ein cwningod, Pebble a Herbie, neu’n cael cwtch gydag un o'n cathod, Poppy a Sam!

Rydym hefyd yn cefnogi elusen leol o'r enw Snowdonia Donkeys sy'n gwneud gwaith gwych i helpu plant i gyrraedd eu gwir botensial. Mae 20% o bob gwerthiant o Gasgliad yr Asyn yn mynd i helpu'r elusen anhygoel hon.

Mae Huw yn fy helpu o bryd i’w gilydd pan fydd pethau'n mynd yn brysur ond mae ganddo hefyd ei fusnes ei hun, Ynys Twca. Mae'n dysgu caiacio a gwylltgrefft i bobl ac mae'n gwneud y sgwpiau coffi ac eitemau pren eraill, y mae rhai ohonynt i'w gweld yn ein siop.

Ynys Twca Products
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