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Our Top 10
ways to use 
Beeswax Wraps

New to Beeswax wraps and not sure how to use them? Or not sure what you would use them for?

Or perhaps you have some of our wax wraps already and want some inspiration for new ways to use them to help keep your food fresh and reduce food waste.

Here are our top 10 ways to use our wax wraps and how to look after them.

1. Cheese

Use our Beeswax wraps to keep your cheese fresher for longer.

This for most people is the number one use for our wax wraps. The large wrap in the Kitchen Pack is ideal for that big chunk of cheddar. The medium for the wedge of Stilton and the small wrap for that special cheese you treat yourself to occasionally!

If you buy your cheese from a deli counter, ask them to wrap your cheese straight into your Beeswax wrap. Or once the cheese packaging is open, transfer it to a wax wrap.

The super sticky nature of our wraps creates a tight seal to stop your cheese from drying out. Your cheese will stay fresh and no need for clingfilm!

2. Cover a bowl, plate or jug

Leftovers? Then use one of our wax wraps to cover your bowl, plate or jug.

This is what we use our wraps at home for every day. If we make too much salad, the bowl is covered, popped in the fridge and then its fresh for us the next day.

Purposefully make too much pancake batter and you have a great excuse to use a Beeswax wrap to cover the jug and have pancakes for breakfast the next day!

If you have lots of different sized bowls, the Kitchen Pack would be your ideal choice. But take a look at our Super Sized Kitchen Packs for large bowls and plates.

3. Sandwiches

cheese in beeswax wraps.jpeg
pancake stack.jpeg

Whether it's a trusty cheese and pickle sandwich or a ciabatta filled with roasted vegetables and hummus, use your Beeswax or Plant wax Sandwich Wrap instead of clingfilm or tinfoil to keep your lunch fresh and secure.

Our Sandwich Wrap with the added button and twine gives you extra sandwich security. So you can make your lunch, wrap it up and throw it in your bag or rucksack for work, school or a walk up a mountain!

Our fabric range includes some great choices for kids to help you turn their school lunch boxes into plastic free zones.

4. Take out CAKE!!!

CAKE!!!! Is there anyone out there who is able to resist a scone, flapjack, brownie or lemon drizzle sat on the counter of your favourite cafe, deli or farmshop? If there is, then you are stronger than us!

Keep a Beeswax wrap in your bag so when you do give in to temptation you can feel a bit more virtuous by using your wrap to wrap your cake in. Your reusable wrap beats even a paper bag or compostable box in terms of being eco friendly.

Team that with a reusable coffee cup for your drink and I'm sure then the calories don't count...!

5. Fruit and Vegetables

Want to ditch clingfilm? But also want to stop that avocado and apple half from going brown. Or carrot sticks from drying out and curling up. Need to keep half an onion fresh for dinner tomorrow?

Make the switch and use Beeswax wraps to keep your fruit and veg fresh. The tight seal you create with the wax wrap will keep the air out and your food fresh.

6. Make a pouch

With a little origami magic you can fold yourself a pouch and use your Beeswax wrap to take snacks to work or on a day out. We use the small and medium sized wraps in the Kitchen Pack for carrot sticks and nuts or my favourite, strawberries and brownies!

The Sandwich wraps also make awesome pouches. We take them to our local Zero Waste shop to use as produce bags for our dried foods. They are perfect for chickpeas, popping corn, rice and nuts. So much easier then carrying bulky tupperware and heavy glass jars.

Eating take out cake wrapped in a beeswax wrap
Keeping avocado fresh in a beeswax wrap
org pouch.JPG

To see how to make a pouch from a Sandwich Wrap watch this YouTube video.

7. For freezing food

Yes! Beeswax wraps can be used in the freezer. Wrap your bread, brownies, lemon slices for your G+T's. Create a tight seal using the warmth of your hands and then place them in the freezer for up to a month.

When you take them out of the freezer, let the wraps warm up slightly to soften the wax. Once they are at room temperature, the wrap will be ready to use again.

Just so you know, the brownies we freeze are ready to be eaten in the time it takes to make a posh coffee! Mass make, freeze in your wraps and you'll never run out of cake again!

8. Keep bread fresh

We have found the perfect plastic free way to keep your bread fresh. Use one of our Sandwich wraps to cover the cut end of your loaf and then pop the loaf in one of our organic cotton bread bags. Or, opt for The Big Wrap. Big enough to completely wrap most loaves of bread!

A Which report in 2019 found that the best way to keep loaves fresh were to keep them in a bag rather than a bread bin. Even after one day the difference between the bags and the bins was noticeable.

Add a Beeswax wrap into the equation and the bag option really is your best choice! This bag and wrap combo will also take up a lot less space in your kitchen. 

9. Packing your travel soap

Our wax wraps are a great plastic free and space saving way to take your soap, solid shampoo and conditioner bar away on trips with you. Or even just a way to carry your favourite soap everywhere with you.

10. Ecofriendly firelighters

You can tear your old wax wraps, which have reached the end of their working life, into strips and use them to light your fire or BBQ. But seeing as they last so long, you'll be waiting a long time! So you can also buy our eco friendly firelighters made from the off cuts of our wraps. You only need one per fire and there are no nasty chemical smells or toxins.

org bread wrap.JPG
soap wrapped in a beeswax wrap.jpg
firelighters in packaging in front of fire pit.jpg

So, there are our top 10 ways to use your Beeswax or Plant wax wraps. The list goes on and on and if you follow us on Social Media you'll keep getting new inspiration.

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What NOT to use your wraps for...

1. Raw meat and fish. The wraps needs to be washed in cold soapy water. Heat will melt the wax.  So avoid raw meat and fish. If your wrap does come into contact with mouldy food, you can revitalise them in the oven following the instructions here.

2. Hot food and containers. The heat from the food or bowl will likely melt the wax, so let your food cool down first.

3. The wraps should not be used in the microwave. Again because of the heat and risk of fire. 

How to wash your wax wraps

Wash your beeswax wraps in cold soapy water. Hot water will cause the wax to melt, so also avoid the dishwasher.

You can either brush crumbs off with your washing up brush or sponge. Or submerge the wrap in the cold soapy water and give it a good scrub.

Rinse your wrap as needed and allow to dry on the drainer.

How to store your wax wraps

When you are not using your wraps, you can store them a number of ways. We keep ours in a drawer in the kitchen where we used to keep the clingfilm and tinfoil.

Some people roll them up and keep them in a tall jar on the counter. Or fold them and keep them in a cotton or paper bag in the cupboard.

How do wax wraps work?

Place your wrap over your bowl and use the warmth of your hands to soften the wax and secure it to the sides of the bowl. For sandwiches, cheese and other food items, fold the corners in and use the warmth of your hands to mould to shape.

For the Sandwich Wraps, use the twine for extra sandwich security. The seal then holds as the wrap cools.

For answers to more of the frequently asked questions about Beeswax wraps, take a look at our FAQ's page.

You can also find information about how to refresh your wraps when they start to lose some of their stickiness here.

Ein 10 ffordd orau o ddefnyddio'r amlapiau cwyr gwenyn

1. Caws

Cadwch eich caws rhag sychu drwy greu sêl dynn gyda'n amlapiau cwyr gwenyn hynod o ludiog.

2. Gorchuddiwch bowlen, plât neu jwg

Defnyddiwch gynhesrwydd eich dwylo i gau’r cwyr yn dynn o amgylch bowlen i gadw bwyd dros ben yn ffres yn yr oergell.


3. Brechdanau

Defnyddiwch eich amlapiau brechdanau i gadw'ch cinio yn ddiogel ac yn ffres.


4. Ewch â chacen adre!

Rhowch un o’ch amlapiau yn eich bag fel ei fod ar gael i fynd â chacen adref o'ch hoff siop neu gaffi unrhyw bryd.


5. Ffrwythau a llysiau

Cadwch eich hanner afocado neu afal yn ffres ar gyfer y diwrnod canlynol.


6. Gwnewch gwdyn

Trowch eich amlapiau’n fagiau i ddal byrbrydau a chario bwydydd sych. Gwyliwch y fideo YouTube hwn i ddarganfod sut.


7. Rhewi bwyd

Gallwch rewi'ch amlapiau! Defnyddiwch nhw i rewi bara a brownis am hyd at fis


8. Cadwch fara yn ffres

Wedi i chi dorri i mewn i dorth, defnyddiwch un o’r amlapiau brechdan dros y pen a dorrwyd i gadw'ch bara'n ffres.

9. Ffordd wych o bachio'ch sebonau teithio

Y ffordd ddi-blastig sy’n arbed lle o bacio'ch sebonau, siampŵau solet a'ch bariau cyflyrydd pan fyddwch yn mynd i ffwrdd

10. Pethau cynnau tân

Pethau na ddylech ddefnyddio amlapiau cwyr ar eu cyfer
  1. Cig neu bysgod amrwd

  2. Powlenni neu fwyd poeth

  3. Peidiwch â’u defnyddio mewn microdon

Sut i storio'ch amlapiau cwyr

Gallwch eu cadw mewn drôr, mewn bag cotwm neu bapur neu mewn jar.

Sut mae amlapiau cwyr yn gweithio?

I orchuddio powlen, rhowch yr amlapiad dros y top a defnyddiwch wres eich dwylo i fowldio'r amlapiad i ochrau'r bowlen. Neu rhowch eich eitem o fwyd yng nghanol yr amlapiad a phlygwch y corneli i mewn i orchuddio'r bwyd yn llwyr ac unwaith eto, mowldiwch yr amlapiad o’i amgylch i roi sêl gyflawn iddo.

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