This is a 25cm beeswax wrap (our medium sized wrap) for those of you who want to try our wax wraps out to see how well they work. Or for the fully converted wrap user who just wants to top up their collection!


Your medium sized wrap will be big enough to wrap a small sandwich, cover a bowl, keep half an avocado fresh or to freeze a spare chocolate brownie!


Your wax wrap will come with full instructions (in English and Welsh) to help you know how to use and care for your wrap but not in our usual packaging.


  • Postage is £2 via Royal Mail or free if you spend over £25

  • They stick and hold first go!

    Exactly like magic! I’ve tried others which haven’t been a patch on yours - Ruth

    I have tried several different brands of wax wraps but Beeswax Fabric Wraps are by far the best and now, the only ones I buy - Adele