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Wondering how to make your Beeswax wraps last longer? Rewax them with our wax nuggets! If you have you had your wraps a while and the oven refresh method isn’t working anymore, or someone has washed your wraps in hot water by mistake and they have lost some of their wax? Then these nuggets will allow you to re-wax your wraps rather than disposing of them and having to buy more. You will receive 3 round nuggets which are approximately 10g each and 6 hex nuggets which are approximately 5g each. This is enough to rewax one of our kitchen packs and maybe more depending on how old your wraps are. The nuggets are made with our special blend of beeswax, pine resin and organic jojoba oil using the same ratio as we use to make our own wax wraps. 

Along with the nuggets you will receive full written and bilingual (English and Welsh) instructions with photos to help you and we have a video of the process on YouTube which you can watch here.

How many nuggets you need per wrap will depend on the size of the wrap and how much wax is left on the wrap. We suggest you start with one hex nugget for a small wrap and one round nugget for a large wrap, as you can always add more if needed. 

Re Wax Blocks

    • Super quick delivery, excellent product and lovely packaging. Was able to refresh 5 wraps from the extra blocks.
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