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Join Huw from Ynys Twca for a day learning primitive fire lighting skills, one of the most valuable bushcraft skills to master. This course (for 18 years+ and 16 years+ with an accompanying paying adult) will provide you with the knowledge and skills to create an ember and nurture it into a flame and safely light and manage a campfire. No previous experience is required for this course. If you have done some primitive fire lighting before, this is the perfect way to hone your skills and learn a few new ones too!


We will cover various ways to produce an ember, such as flint and steel and solar, but our focus will be on fire by friction and mastering the Bow Drill. Using natural materials and Huw’s expert tuition, you will build your own Bow Drill set and then learn how to use it. This is a very hands on course so you will have plenty of time to practise so you can experience the satisfaction of creating your own ember!


You will experiment with using different types of tinder and learn about the natural materials available to help safely build and manage an efficient fire even in damp conditions.


Throughout the course the impact we and fire has on the environment will be considered. Where to place your fire, which materials to collect, when not to light a fire and the importance of leaving no trace. In addition, we will cover the safe and effective use of a folding saw and knife.


We hold this course in two beautiful woodland settings.


The first is on the Isle of Anglesey at Llyn Parc Mawr near Newborough forest. Here we have use of the Caban, a fantastic wooden building in the woods as well as the firepit area. Onsite parking and eco toilet. There is also the chance of spotting a red squirrel!

Upcoming Date: Saturday February 24th 2024

10am - 4pm

The second is in the woodlands owned by Snowdonia Donkeys near Tregarth in Gwynedd. The course will be held in their Awesome woods where there is a fantastic tarp in place for rainier days. Parking and eco toilet are on site and a short walk from where the course will be held. As well as bird song, your sound track for the day will be the braying of their donkeys!

Upcoming Date: Saturday 9th March 2024

10am - 4pm

Please bring a packed lunch and drinks with you.

Primitive Fire Lighting with Ynys Twca 🔥 new dates soon

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  • Find out more about Huw in his 'about us' page by clicking here.

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