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These wax wraps made in Wales are the best vegan friendly alternative to beeswax wraps.In the Kitchen pack you receive a set of three different sized reusable plant wax wraps. Small 20 x 20cmMedium 25 x 25cmLarge 30 x 30cm This pack is perfect for all eventualities with a size for everything. The small size is great for half an avocado, apple or onion. The medium sized wrap is great to use instead of clingfilm to cover a bowl full of leftovers.The large size is perfect for wrapping sandwiches, covering large bowls or to keep the cut end of your loaf of bread fresh.You will never need to buy cling film or tinfoil again!


These wax wraps work just like clingfilm. You place your food item inside the wrap, fold the corners in and use the heat of your hand to mould the wrap around the food. The seal then holds as the wrap cools. or place the wrap over a bowl and again use your hands to stick the wrap to the sides of the bowl.


Made with100% GOTS certified organic cotton, plant waxes, pine resin and organic jojoba oil.The kitchen where these are made handles allergens.


Wash them in cold soapy water, leave them to dry on your drainer and unlike clingfilm they are ready to use again. They should last you up to a year and all care instructions are included on the packaging and in the FAQ section of this website.

Plant Wax Kitchen pack

  • Postage is via Royal Mail and is £2.50 per order or free when you spend over £30.

    For more information please see our delivery and returns policy.

  • Cyfres o dri amlapiau cwyr planhigion amldro. Mewn maint bach, canolig a mawr (20,25,30cm). Mae'r pecyn hwn yn berffaith ar gyfer pob sefyllfa. Gallwch lapio brechdanau, caws, fflapjacs, afocado a haneri winwns. Gallwch orchuddio bowlen, plât bach neu greu cwdyn.


    Ffabric Cotwm organig 100%, Cwyr Planhigion, Resin Pinwydden, Olew Jojoba organig.

    Mae'r gegin lle y gwneir y rhain yn trin alergenau.


    Mae ein holl becynnu yn ddwyieithog. Gallwch ddewis i'ch deunydd lapio fod wedi'i becynnu gyda naill ai Cymraeg neu Saesneg ar y tu blaen. Gadewch sylw wrth archebu os hoffech Gymraeg ar flaen eich pecyn.

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