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Our organic cotton bread bags are one of the best plastic free ways to keep your bread fresh. Want to keep your bread fresh regardless of whether it was lovingly baked at home or bought from the shop down the road? Ditch the plastic bag and use one of our organic cotton bags instead! We take our bread bag to the shop with us and use it to bring our bread home with us. Use a beeswax sandwich wrap over the cut end to keep your bread even fresher. 

The tie near the top of the bag makes sure you can create a great seal to help keep your bread fresh.


If bread isn't your thing, these bags are also the perfect size to use as a picnic bag or even a produce bag for bringing potatoes home from the market or shops. There are no rules about what you can use your bag for!

Bread Bags

  • Made from 100% GOTS certified organic cotton. These bread bags will fit a large loaf. Size approximately 33 x 45 cm

    Wash in your machine on a cool wash to avoid any shrinking or give it a quick wash by hand when you need to.

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