The plastic free and space saving way to pack your soaps, solid shampoos and conditioner bars when you go away. 

This pack of 4 beeswax wraps, made in Wales, were made especially for your wash bag! Once wrapped, your soaps will take up much less space than the bulky plastic containers you can buy. If you have used ziplock plastic bags in the past, then this is your plastic free alternative.

The wraps are approximately 19 x 19cm in size and fit most bars of soap, shampoo and conditioner bars. We have tested them on the largest bar of soap we could find and they still fit! 

The wax wraps can be used again and again so can be your trip companion multiple times.


If they need a wash, just wash them in cold soapy water and leave to dry.

Ideally allow your soap etc to dry before wrapping, or pat them dry with a towel. However, they still work staright after washing your hands. Just keep the edges of the wrap itself dry.


There is no reason why these wraps can't be used for food rather than soap, so if you wanted a pack of small wraps for small bowls, snack pouches or half a piece of fruit these are perfect. It's worth having separate wraps for soap though as the scent and taste of the soap may rub off onto the wrap and then onto your food.


Made with 100% cotton fabric, beeswax, pine resin, organic jojoba oil



The Travel Pack

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