Our produce bags are made in Wales from 100% GOTS certified organic cotton in some beautiful prints with a drawstring top and have a multitude of uses. The butterfly fabric is a blend of organic cotton and linen.


Instead of taking your bulky and often heavy jars and tupperware to your local refill shop for your dried goods, take these bags instead. The three different sizes mean you have plenty of options. The large bag holds 1kg of pasta, the medium bag holds 850g of mixed nuts and the small bag can be filled with almost 800g of popping corn! We have also used our bags for sun dried tomatoes, rice, chickpeas and beans. All refill shops weigh your container before you fill it, so you don't need to worry about paying for the weight of the bag every time.


If you are keen to, or already buy loose fruit and vegetables then our produce bags can also be used for this. Just weigh your tomatoes, mushrooms, carrots etc, print the label and then pop them in your cotton bag rather than using a single use plastic bag.


Many shops provide paper bags as an alternative which are better than plastic bags in that they can be recycled. But a paper bag needs to be used up to three times before its carbon footprint matches a single use plastic bag. Unfortunately most paper bags don't survive that long. So finding an alternative which will last for years has to be a better option. 


The great thing about our cotton bags is that in between shopping trips the bags can be used for so many other things. How about using one as a snack bag to keep all your treats (in beeswax wraps of course!) together in your bag. Or use the largest one as a picnic bag for the whole family on a day out. Going away for a weekend? Fill one of the bags with your PJ's, eye mask and bed socks (are they still a thing?) so they are easy to find when you arrive at your destination late and want to fall straight into bed. They could even be used as reusable wrapping paper! Instead of buying a paper gift bag, use our cotton bag as gift wrap and the bag becomes part of the present.


Approximate sizes:

Large 25 x 28cm

Medium 20 x 24cm

Small 17 x 19cm


Wash on a cool wash to avoid shrinking as and when needed. 


Produce Bags

    • Been to the farm shop this morning, enjoyed using the cotton bags instead of paper bags and the cashier didn't blink!
    • I have just received my order today, fabulous product. I'm sure they will be very useful.