The super sized kitchen pack contains three of our large 30cm wraps.

You can choose your three fabrics to design your dream super sized kitchen pack!

We love the small and medium wraps in the original kitchen pack, but sometimes you just need to go large!!


You will never need to buy cling film again!


Made with

100% cotton, local beeswax, pine resin and organic jojoba oil.

The kitchen where these are made handles allergens.


Wash them in cold soapy water, leave them to dry on your drainer and they are ready to use again. 

They should last you up to a year and all care instructions are included on the packaging and in the FAQ section of this website.


Your pack will be made to order so there may be a couple of extra days wait for them to be posted out.

Super Size Kitchen Pack

Fabric 1
Fabric 2
Fabric 3
    •  I love these so much. I use them every day and even bought some for my sister. So much better than nasty clingfilm!