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Our firelighters are made with offcuts from our beeswax wraps and are an excellent alternative to chemical firelighters. With a stash of fabric offcuts that were too small to use for any of our other products, the eco friendly firelighter was born! Each pack has ten strips of cotton (random patterns) infused with beeswax, pine resin and organic jojoba oil and are approximately 8 x 2 inches each in size.


To use: Prepare your fire or BBQ as normal. Then take one strip of waxed cotton and fold it in half lengthways and then lightly fold it two or three times more leaving a tail. Place the firelighter within the fire leaving the tail sticking out and light using a match or lighter. You can find photos of this above. The strip will burn for approximately 5 mins.


Please always take sensible precautions when lighting fires outside and dispose of BBQ’s safely. For more information about fire safety, please click here.


As with all firelighters, keep away from direct heat sources, children and pets.


As there are no chemicals used to make this firelighter, you won't get the horrible smell and residue like you do with the traditional options.

Eco friendly Firelighters

  • - A great natural firelighter that was actually a pleasure to use. Colourful, tactile and a lovely aroma. It gave a gentle steady burn with no nasty smelling fumes. Just needed one strip to light our fire - Aled Jones

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