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Stay dry with our Dry Bums when you are out and about. Traditionally known as sit mats or dry mats, but Dry Bums sounded better to us!

These mats have a beautiful, organic cotton top and a waterproof fabric bottom. Which means that when you roll it out and sit on it, your bum stays dry!

Whether you are at the beach with damp sand, in a park with wet grass, in town and the bench hasn’t dried after a shower or in the woods with a sodden tree stump, our Dry Bums will keep your bum dry!

The mat rolls up and is neatly secured with an elastic loop to stay tidy in your bag.

We always remember digging out a plastic carrier bag to sit on to stay dry, but now we don't have those to hand as often (or ever), a Dry Bums sit mat is the perfect alternative.

Just pop one in your bag and it will be there whenever you need it. With lots of fabrics to choose from you are bound to find one you love and maybe also one as a gift for someone who loves being outdoors even if it’s a bit damp!

Dry Bums

  • Wash on a cool wash, 30 degrees is recommended by the manufacturer of the waterproof fabric.

    To help make your Dry Bums last longer, only wash it when you really need to.

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